Early Settlement Discount

If you have the funds to pay your fees in full before your course starts you may qualify for an Early Settlement Discount of 2%

Terms and Conditions

  • Tuition fees must be paid in FULL (after any College Administered Scholarships / Bursaries) and cleared in the College Account before the end of the second week of the published start of the academic year (2021/22 this will be 2nd October 2021).
  • The 2% discount is calculated after deductions of any College Administered Scholarships / Bursaries.
  • Sponsors letters of promise to pay do not constitute payment.
  • Students receiving external funding / scholarships which is paid after the discount deadline, may receive the discount if they pay fees in full, which would then be refunded subject to cleared external funds being received.
  • Declined payments, including declined card payments and cheques not honoured will forfeit any early settlement discount.
  • Discount is only applicable to International and Postgraduate Tuition Fees, there is no discount on the £9k undergraduate fee.