Refund Policy


These regulations refer to the 2021/22 academic year and deal with the level of tuition fees to be charged for students who discontinue their course part-way through their academic year. The regulations also give details on College policy regarding the payment of any refund of tuition fees due and the procedure for requesting a refund.

Students who discontinue their course part-way through an academic year include suspension or deferment of studies, withdrawal from a course or transfer to another university/college. The effective date of student discontinuance for the purpose of these regulations is the date entered on the Student’s  Withdrawal Form (see note) as retained by Academic Services.

Tuition fees do not necessarily accrue evenly over the academic year and because of the nature of the different costs involved may not accrue in the same way for different groups of students.

There should not be an assumption that a term’s tuition fee equates to one third of the annual tuition fee.

Tuition fees payments are defined by the type of student e.g. whether they are ‘Self-Paying’ or ‘Student Loan Company’ (SLC) funded. Sponsored students are classified as self-paying for the purposes of these regulations.