Tuition Fee Guidelines

Payment of Tuition Fees Guidelines

Overseas Students

General Information

1. As a student of the College you are required to pay tuition fees. Details of tuition fees charges, together with information regarding financial support from the College or elsewhere, including scholarships, bursaries and loans, are available on the web-site. Students who are not able to enrol, as a result of not having paid/made arrangements to pay their tuition fees, are not permitted to attend any classes or access any of the College’s resources or materials.

2. Students, who are classified as overseas students, are required to make the following  arrangements  for payment of tuition fees:

  • A deposit is payable on acceptance of a place at College, as arranged with the Admissions Department.
  • A minimum of 50% of the tuition fee must be paid before or on enrolment.
  • If paying by termly  instalments, the balance must be paid 25% in spring term and 25 % in summer term, in accordance with the dates specified on the signed agreement made with College.

3. Students, whose fees will be met by a sponsor, such as an employer or any other party, must provide proof of sponsorship prior to being issued with their ID cards, which is the formal completion of the enrolment process. Examples of proof are a formal letter, email or purchase order from the sponsor.

4. Students who have not made the appropriate arrangements for payment of fees, as set out above, prior to enrolling at the start of the course, or for a subsequent year of study, will not be permitted to enrol for that year of study.

5. The following procedures may be implemented for students who do not meet their tuition fee obligations at the appropriate time, including those who do not meet any of the instalment plan payments which they have agreed with the Finance Department:

  • 14 days after the payment of fees is due, the student will be sent an e-mail by the Finance Department      reminding them that their tuition fees are due for payment
  • 28 days after the payment of fees is due, the student will be sent an electronic notification and/or a letter by the Finance Department to draw their attention to the fact that they have outstanding tuition fees. At this point, if they do not make arrangements to pay their fees within three days, their access to the College’s IT systems will be withdrawn.
  • 42 days after the payment of fees is due, the student will receive a final letter noting that they have still not paid their outstanding tuition fees. If arrangements are not made to pay the fees within three days, the student will be excluded from the College. This means that their enrolment will be terminated and they must immediately cease to attend any teaching activities and leave the College.

6. Where an overseas student is excluded from College for non-payment of fees, the UK Border Agency will be informed and the student will be expected to leave the country immediately, as the College will no longer be sponsoring them and their visas will no longer be valid.