Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current move in date for the College’s Halls Of Residence?   

Contracts usually commence on the Wednesday before the academic year commences (14 September this year). It is sometimes possible to move in earlier and pay the additional daily rate, you would need to contact Unite students regarding this directly.  

I have a conditional offer. Do I need to send you confirmation of my results? 

If we attached conditions to your offer, we’ll need to see evidence that these conditions have been met.  

Some results will be sent to us directly by UCAS. Information on results that UCAS will send us can be found on the UCAS website.   

Please note that for UCAS to match your results to your application, you will need to ensure you included all exams you are taking in the ‘qualifications pending’ section of your application form.  If you did not include any exams in this section, please contact UCAS to ask about adding them to your application form. 

If the results for the qualification you are studying are not included in the list of those sent to us by UCAS, you’ll need to ensure you send this information us. Please ensure that any result confirmation you send clearly states your full name, the qualification, the date of the award and the result. 

If the qualification documents you are submitting are not in English or Welsh, you must also include an original translation of each document. Each translation must contain: 

  • Confirmation from the translator or translation company that it is an accurate translation of the original document. E.g. “I can confirm that this is a true and accurate translation of the original document”.
  • The date of the translation.
  • Full name and original signature of the translator, or of an authorised official of the translation company.

How will additional information be sent to new students?

We will communicate with you using the email address provided on your UCAS application form until your RWCMD email addresses are created in September. If your email address changes from the address provided on your application form, please contact including your UCAS ID and course details in the email.  When you receive your RWCMD email address, this is the email address we will use to contact you for all future communications. 

When do I get my timetable? 

You will receive your timetable when you start College. The College uses an online timetable system called ASIMUT.  You will be able to access this system once you receive a College email address and password (these are usually e-mailed in September prior to the start of term). 

How can I get in touch with other new students before my course starts? 

The Student’s Union and Student Services are currently planning what activities will take place during the first few weeks of term. The Students Union will set up a Freshers Facebook group for new students. You will be notified of your new flat mates in July so that you can keep in touch with fellow students before the academic year commences. Freshers activities take place during the first week of term, they are not held a week prior to the start of term. Further details about the Facebook group and Freshers activities are sent over the summer months. 

When can I get a letter to open a bank account? 

Banks normally require a letter from the College confirming that you a current student registered at the College. We are not able to provide a letter confirming this prior to registration day. Letters can be downloaded and printed from an online system once you have fully completed registration. International Students requiring a letter confirming they have an offer from the College should e-mail their request to 

When can I get a council tax exemption certificate? 

You can download and print a council tax exemption certificate yourself once you have fully completed all registration requirements. Council tax exemption certificates are not available prior to registration. 

Is there a particular reading or equipment list that we need for the course and if so when will this be sent out? 

Some courses will have recommended reading and equipment lists but not all. Details of any equipment lists will be posted in the Course Information area, please make sure you check for updates.

Who do I contact if I have additional support needs?   

Please contact in the first instance. You can find general information on the support available to students on the Student Services page of the website and the Pre-Student Portal

How quickly will new students be able to register with a doctor?   

Once you have a confirmed address in Cardiff you will be able to register, although most surgeries will require you to attend in person. The nearest surgery to the Halls of Residence is less than a five-minute walk and the surgery usually visit the halls site during the first week of term.   We recommend that you make arrangements to register with a GP practice in Cardiff as soon as possible after you arrive.

How to Register with a Doctor (GP):

Visit Campus Doctor to register: 

  • If you will be living in Halls of Residence: Click on the above link and use the drop-down box, which will allow you to search by Student Accommodation; choose Severn Point. You will then be presented with a list of GP Practices in your area. Choose one and follow the online registration process.
  • If you will be living in private accommodation: Use the NHS postcode search at the bottom of the web page, choose a GP surgery in your area, and follow the online registration process.

International Students

When will international students be receiving CAS numbers for visa applications? 

We will issue your CAS once:

  • You have firmly accepted your offer on UCAS,
  • You have paid the £2,000 deposit,
  • You have completed the CAS application form on Acceptd and provided the following documents:
  • Your current passport (please contact us if you plan to renew your passport)
  • The certificate and full transcript of results for your highest level qualification, e.g. undergraduate degree or high school diploma (you must provide this even if your offer is unconditional)
  • If your qualification documents are not in English, you will also need to provide professionally translated copies.
  • If there is an English language condition attached to your offer, please provide your IELTS certificate or equivalent qualification (see below for more information)

To complete the CAS application form, create an account or log back into your Acceptd account and navigate to the RWCMD page:  Once you complete the form, we will issue a draft for you to double check and confirm before we issue the final CAS statement to you.

If you are not sure which documents you need to send us, please e-mail us at and we will advise further.  

If you need to provide proof of your English language level, please refer to our English language requirements page.  

We strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with the visa requirements for study in the UK. Information and advice can be found on the UK Visa & Immigration website and the University of South Wales (USW) website (RWCMD is a part of the USW group).  Please pay particular attention to the financial considerations, specific guidance for Students Route applicants can be found on the UK Government website.

Where can I find information on Opening a bank account in the UK?

To open a bank account in the UK you will need the below, certain banks may require additional information, so always check with your chosen bank.

– Passport

– Vignette (Visa sticker in your passport)


– RWCMD Student Confirmation letter (please email admissions)

Please be aware that international students wishing to open a bank account in the UK will need to do so in person, please keep this in mind when making travel arrangements and make sure that you have sufficient funds available to you for any period or isolation you may need to have on arrival.

You may also find the information here useful:

Music Specific Questions and Answers

Who will be my Principal Study Tutor? 

You’ll be matched with a tutor after careful consideration by your Head of Study, who will base their assessment of your individual needs on your audition or interview.  

If you have a strong preference for a particular tutor, you should make this known to the Head of Study for your department. If you do not have the contact details for your Head of Study, please send an email to and we will put you in touch with your Head of Study. The final decision will be made by your Head of Study and you’ll find out who will be teaching you when term begins. 

Will there be an opportunity for consultation lessons ? 

It is sometimes possible to arrange a consultation lesson with an instrumental or vocal tutor for students to our Music courses. Please send an email to with the tutor you would be interested in having a lesson with, and we will put you in touch with them so that you can arrange a lesson (in person or online) at a mutually convenient time. Consultation lessons cost £64 for an hour lesson and £32 for half hour lessons.

Cwestiynnau Cyffredin

Beth yw’r dyddiad ar hyn o bryd ar gyfer symud i mewn i Neuaddau Preswyl y Coleg?

Mae contractau’n dechrau ar y dydd Mercher cyn dechrau’r flwyddyn academaidd (14 Medi eleni). Weithiau fe fydd hi’n bosibl symud i mewn yn gynharach a thalu’r gyfradd ddyddiol ychwanegol, bydd angen i chi gysylltu ag Unite Students yn uniongyrchol ynglŷn â hyn.

Mae gen i gynnig amodol. A oes angen i mi anfon cadarnhad o fy nghanlyniadau atoch? 

Os ydym wedi gosod amodau gyda’ch cynnig, bydd angen i ni weld tystiolaeth bod yr amodau hyn wedi cael eu bodloni.

Bydd UCAS yn anfon rhai canlyniadau atom yn uniongyrchol. Mae gwybodaeth am y canlyniadau y bydd UCAS yn eu hanfon atom i’w chael ar wefan UCAS.

Sylwer, er mwyn i UCAS gyfateb eich canlyniadau i’ch cais, bydd angen i chi sicrhau eich bod wedi cynnwys yr holl arholiadau rydych yn eu cymryd yn adran ‘qualifications pending’ eich ffurflen gais. Os na wnaethoch gynnwys unrhyw arholiadau yn yr adran hon, cysylltwch ag UCAS i ofyn iddynt gael eu hychwanegu at eich ffurflen gais.

Os nad yw canlyniadau’r cymhwyster yr ydych yn ei astudio wedi eu cynnwys yn y rhestr o’r rheini a anfonir atom gan UCAS, bydd angen i chi wneud yn siŵr eich bod yn anfon y wybodaeth hon atom. Cofiwch sicrhau bod unrhyw gadarnhad canlyniad yr ydych yn ei anfon atom yn datgan yn glir eich enw’n llawn, y cymhwyster, dyddiad y dyfarniad a’r canlyniad. 

Os yw’r dogfennau cymhwyster yr ydych yn eu cyflwyno ddim yn Saesneg na Chymraeg, rhaid i chi hefyd gynnwys cyfieithiad gwreiddiol o bob dogfen. Rhaid i bob cyfieithiad gynnwys:

  • cadarnhad gan y cyfieithydd neu’r cwmni cyfieithu ei fod yn gyfieithiad cywir o’r ddogfen wreiddiol e.e. “Gallaf gadarnhau bod hwn yn gyfieithiad gwir a chywir o’r ddogfen wreiddiol” 
  • dyddiad y cyfieithiad
  • enw llawn a llofnod y cyfieithydd, neu swyddog awdurdodedig y cwmni cyfieithu

Sut fydd gwybodaeth ychwanegol yn cael ei hanfon at fyfyrwyr newydd?

Byddwn yn gohebu â chi gan ddefnyddio’r cyfeiriad e-bost a roddwyd ar eich ffurflen UCAS hyd nes y caiff cyfeiriadau e-bost CBCDC eu creu ym mis Medi. Os yw eich cyfeiriad e-bost yn newid o’r cyfeiriad a roddwyd ar eich ffurflen gais, cysylltwch ag gan gynnwys eich ID UCAS a manylion eich cwrs yn yr e-bost. Pan fyddwch yn derbyn eich cyfeiriad e-bost CBCDC, hwn fydd y cyfeiriad e-bost y byddwn yn ei ddefnyddio i gysylltu â chi ar gyfer pob cyfathrebu yn y dyfodol.

Pryd fyddaf yn derbyn fy amserlen? 

Byddwch yn derbyn eich amserlen pan fyddwch yn dechrau’r Coleg. Mae’r Coleg yn defnyddio system amserlen ar-lein o’r enw ASIMUT. Byddwch yn gallu cael mynediad at y system hon unwaith eich bod yn derbyn cyfeiriad e-bost Coleg a chyfrinair (anfonir y rhain drwy e-bost fel arfer ym mis Medi cyn dechrau’r tymor).

Sut allaf i gysylltu â myfyrwyr newydd eraill cyn bod fy nghwrs yn dechrau?

Mae Undeb y Myfyrwyr a’r Gwasanaethau Myfyrwyr wrthi’n gwerthuso pa weithgareddau y gellir eu cynnal yn ystod wythnosau cyntaf y tymor. Bydd Undeb y Myfyrwyr fel arfer yn creu tudalen Facebook Glasfyfyrwyr ar gyfer myfyrwyr newydd. Fe’ch hysbysir am eich cyd-letywyr yn eich fflat ym mis Mehefin neu fis Gorffennaf fel y gallwch gysylltu â chyd-fyfyrwyr cyn i’r flwyddyn academaidd ddechrau. Cynhelir gweithgareddau Glasfyfyrwyr yn ystod wythnos gyntaf y tymor, ni chânt eu cynnal wythnos cyn dechrau’r tymor. Anfonir rhagor o fanylion am y grŵp Facebook a gweithgareddau’r Glasfyfyrwyr drwy e-bost dros fisoedd yr haf.

Lle allaf i gael llythyr i agor cyfrif banc? 

Fel arfer bydd banciau angen llythyr gan y Coleg yn cadarnhau eich bod yn fyfyriwr cyfredol sydd wedi cofrestru yn y Coleg. Ni allwn ddarparu llythyr yn cadarnhau hyn cyn y diwrnod cofrestru. Gellir lawrlwytho ac argraffu llythyrau o system ar-lein unwaith eich bod wedi cwblhau’r broses cofrestru. Dylai Myfyrwyr Rhyngwladol sydd angen llythyr yn cadarnhau eu bod wedi cael cynnig gan y Coleg e-bostio eu cais at

A oes rhestr benodol o ddeunydd darllen neu offer sydd eu hangen arnom ar gyfer y cwrs a phryd y bydd hon yn cael ei hanfon allan?

Bydd rhestri deunydd darllen ac offer yn cael eu hargymell ar gyfer rhai cyrsiau ond nid pob un. Caiff manylion unrhyw restri o’r fath eu postio ar adran Gwybodaeth Cyrsiau y Porthol Cyn-fyfyrwyr dros y misoedd nesaf, gwnewch yn siŵr eich bod yn gwirio am unrhyw ddiweddariadau.

Beth ddylwn ei wneud os oes gennyf anghenion cymorth ychwanegol?

Cysylltwch â yn y man cyntaf. Mae gwybodaeth gyffredinol ynglŷn â’r cymorth sydd ar gael i fyfyrwyr i’w chael ar dudalen Gwasanaethau Myfyrwyr y wefan ac ar y Porthol Cyn-fyfyrwyr

Pa mor gyflym fydd myfyrwyr newydd yn gallu cofrestru â meddyg teulu?

Unwaith bod gennych gyfeiriad wedi’i gadarnhau yng Nghaerdydd gallwch gofrestru, er efallai y bydd rhai meddygfeydd yn gofyn i chi fynychu’n bersonol. Mae’r feddygfa agosaf i’r Neuaddau Preswyl llai na phum munud ar droed i ffwrdd a bydd y feddygfa fel arfer yn ymweld â’r neuaddau yn ystod wythnos gyntaf y tymor. Rydym yn argymell eich bod yn gwneud trefniadau i gofrestru â meddyg teulu yng Nghaerdydd cyn gynted â phosibl wedi i chi gyrraedd.

Sut i Gofrestru â meddyg Teulu:

Ewch i Campus Doctor i gofrestru: 

  • Os byddwch yn byw mewn Neuadd Breswyl: cliciwch ar y ddolen uchod a defnyddiwch y gwymplen i chwilio fesul Llety Myfyrwyr; dewiswch Severn Point. Yna rhoddir rhestr o’r Practisau Meddyg Teulu sydd yn eich ardal. Dewiswch un a dilynwch y broses gofrestru ar-lein.
  • Os byddwch yn byw mewn llety preifat: defnyddiwch y blwch chwilio cod post GIG ar waelod y ddalen we, dewiswch feddygfa meddyg teulu yn eich ardal, a dilynwch y broses gofrestru ar-lein.

Lle allaf i gael tystysgrif eithriad y dreth gyngor? 

Gallwch lawrlwytho ac argraffu tystysgrif eithriad y dreth gyngor eich hun unwaith eich bod wedi cwblhau’r holl ofynion cofrestru. Nid yw tystysgrifau eithriad y dreth gyngor ar gael cyn cofrestru. 

Cwestiynau ac Atebion sy’n Benodol i Gerddoriaeth

Pwy fydd fy Nhiwtor Prif Astudiaeth? 

Cewch eich cyfateb i diwtor yn dilyn ystyriaeth ofalus gan eich Pennaeth Astudiaeth, a fydd yn seilio asesiad o’ch anghenion unigol ar eich clyweliad neu gyfweliad.

Os ydych yn ffafrio un tiwtor yn gryf, dylech roi gwybod i Bennaeth Astudiaeth eich adran. Os nad oes gennych y manylion cyswllt ar gyfer eich Pennaeth Astudiaeth, anfonwch e-bost at a byddwn yn eich rhoi mewn cysylltiad â’ch Pennaeth Astudiaeth. Eich Pennaeth Astudiaeth fydd yn gwneud y penderfyniad terfynol a byddwch yn cael clywed pwy fydd yn eich addysgu pan fydd y tymor yn dechrau. 

A fydd cyfle i gael gwers ymgynghorol?

Weithiau fe fydd hi’n bosibl trefnu gwers ymgynghorol gyda thiwtor offerynnol neu leisiol ar gyfer myfyrwyr ein cyrsiau Cerddoriaeth. Anfonwch e-bost at gydag enw’r tiwtor y mae gennych ddiddordeb mewn cael gwers gydag ef/hi, a byddwn yn eich rhoi mewn cysylltiad â’r tiwtor fel y gallwch drefnu gwers mewn person neu ar-lein ar amser sy’n gyfleus i’r ddau ohonoch. Mae cyrsiau ymgynghori yn costio £64 am wers awr a £32 am wersi hanner awr.