Medical Advice and Support

Published: 24/02/14

Medical Advice and Support

Young Doctors Smiling

There are some more preparations to make for life at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. Before starting their course, all students are encouraged to let the College know of any disability or medical condition which might affect their studies.

Please complete the Medical and Accommodation Form as soon as possible.

Please note, even if you do not require assistance with finding accommodation, then you still need to complete the Medical section of this form. You will be able to opt out of answering accommodation questions at the relevant point.

We encourage you to talk to us about your needs because, in this way, we can be sure that you are supported appropriately. The information you provide is regarded as confidential and shared on a need to know basis only with those staff who are responsible for your academic progress and well being at College.

Confidentiality: The information you provide on the questionnaire will be regarded as strictly confidential and shared only with those members of staff who have responsibility for your academic progress and well being here at the College.